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Launching Your Ecommerce Business Website? Think About Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Internet – the answer to all human queries and so, no doubt it severs as a blessing for all. Many have been driving benefits from it, right from IT beasts, individuals, syndicates and startup businesses. Companies have enabled to connect with the international market to introduce their products and services through this robust platform. No doubt, today businesses have numerous web hosting options to choose from shared web hosting, dedicated server hosting and VPS web hosting. These hosting options have the capability to furnish the new demands of businesses based on the workload. Online hosting services are categorized on the basis of load bearing, subscription fee, space utilized and compute power. read more

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Cloud Web Hosting or cPanel Hosting – What to Choose?


The first and foremost step in any start-up business is to decide on which web host service to choose. Web hosting is a big term to be described and contains numerous hosting services depending upon the features and business size. In simple terms, web hosting is basically a space on web server required for storing your website database. This means whenever a visitor is searching for your website by entering a domain name, he will get directed to your website without any hassle. But to choose a hosting service is a bit hard task. Currently, the most popular hosting services chosen by companies are cloud web hosting and cPanel hosting. read more

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How to install the SSL with WHM?


First of all, you need to understand what are the requirements of the SSL certificate/s?

The SSL certificates sold by the majority of commercial certification authorities (CAs) such as Global Sign, etc… To use SSL certificate it is good to have a Dedicated IP address, as dedicated IP address will be the one, which will be working for the secure layer with the port 443.

To check the SSL certificate:

Open the URL:


  • If it shows “unable to connect”, then it means no SSL certificate is there for the domain.
  • If it redirects to the domain, then SSL is purchased and working.
  • If it is expired, then Click on >> I understand the risks >> add exception >> get certificate >> view. Check for the expiry date of the same. If you find that the dare is expired, then it needs to be renewed.

What are the general types of SSL certificate?

Standard SSL >> valid for one domain name read more

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Linux Plesk Server Exhausted!

No Free Disk Space After Trying To Download a Backup File. Here’s a Solution!

Applies To

  • Parallels Plesk Panel 11.x for Linux
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 10.x for Linux
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 9.x for Linux/Unix
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 8.x for Linux/Unix

Warning Sign

When you perform a system backup from the Parallels Plesk Control Panel, then after its completion you normally go to the Backup Manager and Click to download the current backup file. But sometimes file never get downloaded and you experience a slow server performance.


The above situation occurs most likely due to the unavailable free disk space on one of your partitions.

Explanation read more

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Comparison of Web Hosting Control Panels

cPanel Control Panel Logoo - Web Hosting Panel

Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel LogoBodhost’s Linux dedicated servers are offered with the choice of cPanel/WHM and Plesk if you require a web-based control panel through which you can manage your dedicated server and any hosting related services, for example clients and web hosting plans. As the only other method of management available to you as a Linux dedicated server administrator is through SSH, a web hosting control panel is strongly recommended as an addition to your hosting package so that you are able to fully utilize the features and power that a dedicated server can offer. read more

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