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Are the Cloud Myths Still Haunting You!

Rapid technology changes have revolutionized the ways of conducting businesses. Today customers expect 24 x 7 services from any device and any location. Embracing the cloud for conducting business can give you a huge competitive edge.

Are the Cloud Myths Still Haunting You

It has become vital for modern IT transformation. Increase your time to market, improve the user experience, and deliver cost savings are some of its benefits. Although the advantages of cloud technology are huge, it also comes with misconceptions that can hinder sound decision-making. Check out the top Cloud myths that hold some enterprises back- read more

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Thinking of Migrating to Cloud – Check out these Crucial Pointers

Companies are steadily migrating to the cloud. One of the major factors that contribute to this is greater scalability, flexibility and financial security. According to a recent survey, companies run 79% of their workloads in the cloud owing to the redundancies that offer as close as 100% uptime.

cloud migration

Start Simple

There is no doubt that cloud computing is a powerful tool. It has created many options and opportunities to improve the internal mechanism of a company. Still, let’s not get hasty. Before you think about migration, begin by doing some research and assessing your company’s cloud computing needs. read more

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Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud Storage: Choose the Best for Your Business

Each type of cloud storage has its pros and cons. Here is how to make the right choice for your business. Nowadays running programs and storing information on the cloud has become a standard practice.

As per sources, Companies that leverage the cloud grow 19.3% faster than their competitors. Therefore today, more than 95% of businesses are running applications or using cloud storage.

But do you know that there are various types of cloud-storage solutions which are suited to different business needs? When determining your cloud storage needs, consider the path that is leading you to the cloud-storage solution. Here are the three decision paths most customers are on: read more

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Before Hiring a Web Hosting Company

With a seemingly endless choice of hosting service providers in the market and varied price ranges, it is a herculean task to compare service providers and choose the best one for your website needs. Here is some crucial Web hosting knowledge to ask a Web hosting company before hiring them.

Before Hiring a Web Hosting Company

  • Storage capacity the Web Hosting Company Offers

Get the accurate picture of storage capacity. Few GB of storage is great for Small and medium size sites. Some companies may offer unlimited volume after applying certain conditions.  Get a plan that best suits your Website needs. read more

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The Colocation and Cloud Connection


Cloud services have been considered a game changer since their inception. Incorporating cloud computing into your business or personal life has made sharing with friends and family easier. Accordingly, colocation services have also gained popularity. Many companies are overhauling their IT department due to outdated infrastructure and to take advantage of colocation and cloud computing.
Colocation services, following the boom of cloud technology, should continue to grow as well. Let’s see how colocation and cloud compare. read more

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