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9 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

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A managed WordPress hosting is a type of hosting service that is focused on WordPress sites only and everything that a managed hosting company does is optimized for WordPress. Besides the hardware and WordPress-level expertise, a managed host typically includes additional services and features that are designed to simplify the burden of the site owners. […]


An In-Depth Comparison of cPanel and VPS Hosting

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What is cPanel Hosting? cPanel or Control Panel is an automation tool and a graphical interface that is used for simplifying the web hosting process. cPanel utilizes a 3-tier structure for providing comfort for the administrators and end-user website owners for managing the different aspects of website and server administration by the means of a […]

Cloud Computing

How Cloud Adoption for Enterprises Take Place

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What is Cloud Adoption? The Cloud comprises of software and services that reside and operate on the Internet rather than on a local computer or an on-premise network of servers. Cloud adoption refers to a strategy that is used by the enterprises for improving the scalability of Internet-based database capabilities and thereby reducing the costs […]


Why Page Speed Matters for a Website

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The viewed pages are essential as they show a visitor is engaged with a website and tends to stay on the website through several page loads. For an e-commerce site, more pages viewed reflect a higher likelihood of a visitor to add one of the items on the page to their cart. It could indirectly […]