Data Center

What Does 2020 Have in for Data Centers?

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US Data Center - bodHOST

In 2019, the data center market saw some major developments taking place in the industry. A major global player announced the construction of its data centers in various states of the US- Nevada, Texas, Ohio, and Nebraska. With 5G upcoming in various countries, it is going to transform the data center operations as there would […]

Web Hosting

3 Sectors That Benefited Most from Hosting Services

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Web hosting advantages

The growth of e-commerce, the widespread use of mobile apps, and the increasing migration to the public and/or hybrid cloud by businesses are among the major drivers that prompt individuals and organizations to subscribe to hosting services for websites. Such is the evolution of the web hosting industry. The global web hosting service market will […]


Why You Need a Private Domain Registration

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Private domain registration

Whenever you register for a domain name, you have to provide your key contact details like- name, physical address, email address. ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers collects your information and displays it in a public directory. The main purpose of this directory is to provide accountability in events of technical or […]