As corporations become an extended enterprise, where the constituents are not only corporate employees, but also customers, suppliers and partners in the corporate ecosystem, strategic alliances have become key to corporate growth and sustainability.

bodHOST has a strategic alliance program that embraces partners and collaborators in various mutually beneficial ways, and offers the following avenues for mutual growth.


An organization that connects its marketing and sales infrastructure with that of bodHOST, and collaborate on all fronts as a seamless joint marketing organization to address a larger customer base.


An organization that sells bodHOST Cloud and hosting services as their own, under their own banner and trade-name, fully supported by bodHOST incognito.


An organization that promotes bodHOST services to its client base as a referring partner. The contract is still booked by and the revenues flow through the re-seller, but the customer is aware of, and deals directly with bodHOST for all operational issues and for support.


This is typically a business consultant or an information technology consultant who either works in an advisory capacity or designs solutions for customers. Such a person either integrates bodHOST's services into the solutions provided to customers, or refers/recommends bodHOST's services to customers.


An organization that is part of the bodHOST online ecosystem, and promotes the bodHOST brand by featuring us on their websites against a referral fee.

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