bodHOST Affiliates

The Affiliate Program run by bodHOST is one of the most popular in the web hosting industry and provides you with an opportunity to earn high rates of commission on every sale made through you. Joining the Bodhost Affiliate Program is a simple process – simply sign up online and we'll provide you with your own affiliate link so that you can start generating sales and earning money immediately! We will also give you a range of different banners and buttons that you can use to promote bodHOST on your own website.

The bodHOST Affiliate Program can earn you big bucks with minimum effort. With our large and diverse portfolio of products and services, you will have a large audience from which you could potentially earn commission! Our high payouts can go further than simply allowing your website to pay for itself because you could even give yourself a second source of substantial income. Our Affiliate Scheme has a lot to offer, no matter how big your website is. If you would like to find out more then simply sign up today without wasting any more time to see what we have to offer and how this can benefit you!

How does it work?

Step - 1

Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once you have joined you will be provided with access to our online Affiliate portal through which you can track the activity that has been logged under your affiliate link. Click here to join the Bodhost Affiliate Program today!

Step - 2
Banners and Ads

Once you have signed up, you can choose from our library of adverts and banners so that you can choose the most appropriate ones for placement on your website. You will also have your own personal referral link that is used to track your referrals; this can be placed as a standalone link on your website, or you might want to use it in emails – either way it is easily distributed.

Step - 3

Every time someone clicks on your affiliate referral link, our system records this. For the next 150 days the activity of the visitor on our website is recorded so that any sales recorded during this time period are automatically credited to your affiliate account so that you earn the commission that you have worked for!

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