General FAQs

Q. Why should I deal with your company when a lot of popular brands are available in the market?

Ans : Generally, people believe on the attractive advertisements of popular brands, but the fact is most of them do not provide the services which they usually advertise like unlimited space, unlimited data transfer, etc. Even though some of popular brands in the market place advertisements on their clients website without any permission to promote their services. You will never see something like this happening with our hosting company. Read More...

Web Hosting FAQs

Q. Is there any advantage to have a domain name with your hosting company instead of any other domain registrar?

Ans : You can register a domain with us as you sign up but there is no particular advantage however registering a domain through our website makes things a lot easier. Read More...

Cloud Hosting FAQs

Q. How many web sites can I host with cloud server hosting?

Ans : You can host unlimited web sites, there are no limitations on the number of sites that you can host. However, you just need to make sure that you allocate your cloud server adequate memory, bandwidth, disk space, and processor to mange the demand of you multiple web sites requirement, and if you are unable to figure out how much resources need to be allocated to your cloud server, we will help you to sort out the issue, but for that you should get in touch with our customer support department. Read More...

Payment Related FAQs

Q. How Do I Pay For The Hosting?

Ans : We offer a lot of flexible options for payment. We accept payments through all the major Credit cards & Debit cards. Read More...

Reseller Hosting FAQs

Q. What is a Reseller Hosting?

Ans : Reseller Web hosting packages gives you an ability to set up your own web hosting business with your own brand name. The simple definition of reseller is a seller who resale web host accounts. Users have many privileges in this type of web hosting, such as resellers can set their own pricing tag, configure account limits, even though they can control all the required features and content of the hosting plans that they are going to offer. Hence, they have a full control on their web hosting business, which is against good for their business. Read More...

Windows Hosting FAQs

Q. What is a Web Hosting?

Ans : In simple word we can explain it like this. The storage, complete management, and execution of website on Internet. Read More...

Linux cPanel Hosting FAQs

Q. Do you offer cPanel Hosting Plans?

Ans : We have included different shared hosting solutions such as cPanel hosting, and Windows Hosting, etc….. Read More...

General Dedicated Hosting FAQs

Q. How do I order the dedicated server hosting package?

Ans : Just choose the package you want to order. Next you will see the product specification. If you want to add some additional product/service, then check the configurable options. At the end we will adjust your account for the specified product/service. Read More...

Dedicated Server FAQs

Q. How many web sites can I host on a Dedicated Server?

Ans : There is no limit on the number of websites you can host, but it is wise not to overload a server with multiple sites than it can manage. It also depends on your server configuration and type of sites you want to host it on. Read More...


Q. How many years have you been in business?

Ans : bodHOST has been providing Web Hosting Service since 1999 – 11 Years Of Hosting Presence. Read More...

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