Make Virtualization for SMBs Simple with These 8 Tips

Tips to Improve Virtualization for SMBs

Improve Your Scale Economies

Tip 1 – Evenly distribute heavy virtual servers across all physical servers. This will reduce over-loading of any single server as well as ensure that all servers are used to their maximum limit prior to investing in new one.

Energy Conservation

Tip 2 – Using virtual appliances for your firewalls, security screens and load balancers to decrease the carbon footprint. It’s true that hardware firewalls offer a peripheral performance improvement but when hardware and energy costs come into picture, virtual appliances offer a better cost to benefit ratio.

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Top 8 Reasons Why Virtualization is Important for SMBs


It’s a saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. It is a common sense advice which several IT managers use to explain the reason why their infrastructure isn’t virtualized yet. There have been several virtualization technologies found since over a decade but some businesses prefer only the dedicated servers with proven reliability.

For instance, where raw performance is required – like database clusters for huge real-time data crunching applications, physical servers are better. Suppose security is critical, dedicated servers prove to be better than cloud systems.

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Virtualization on the Rise for SMBs


Virtual servers and Cloud based data backups are the need of the hour. As many as 70% of the Small Business owners are moving towards a virtual system for storing their valuable data.

While this is a requirement and making the switch from local to virtual is a good idea in its core – the issue of data theft or simply data loss for a number of reasons outside one’s control – can’t be ruled out either.

The simple solutions like data backup can help a lot, but surprisingly only 15 percent of the people actually keep an updated backup of their virtual servers and a small 23 percent does it occasionally. The security of their servers are pretty weak too, as many as 78 percent does not even have an anti-virus on their systems and a huge 48 percent does not have a firewall. All in all, only a small 40% have good security in their virtual systems.

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Cloud Authentication – Why is it important?

Cloud-AuthenticationToday, almost every enterprise is using cloud-based service regularly. Not all but some of these services use password authentication while others use public or private keys for authentication.

Services using public/private keys are the secure websites used by enterprises requiring their each client to have a private key for authentication. Often, banks and other financial institutions allocate private key for authentication to each of their clients.  A new key is issued by the website application for every user who is permitted to access the service once the keys are incorporated into the system.

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Augmented Reality: Pokémon Go is just the beginning!

Augmented RealityThe excitement surrounding Pokémon Go puts the augmented reality technology to the forefront: Now comes the breakthrough? Even in industry and logistics, Augmented Reality (AR) offers mass applications.

The Mobile Game Pokémon Go is currently the most successful smartphone app in the World and the media stir up the hype with new stories. Due to the massive rush to the mobile AR game that is officially available in several countries, the server developer Niantic now goes regularly to its knees.

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