SMB’s are heading towards Virtualization



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Cloud Migration – The Best Way to Improve Productivity


You will find several motivators that move to the cloud but it involves several steps. As companies are striving for better agility, productivity, cost savings and mobility, it’s decided that future business surely belongs to the cloud. No doubt there are several concerns about cloud security. But Gartner’s statement, “Cloud computing will become the bulk of new IT spend by 2016″, makes it clear that the cloud is highly relied on as a vehicle for agile, scalable and elastic solutions and shouldn’t be considered a security risk.

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7 Features of Cloud Computing that give your Business the Edge!

Features of Cloud Computing

Everywhere we go, cloud computing services seem to have had an influence in the technology field. We not only hear about it but interact with it through apps and services. These are all powered by servers and computing devices we cannot see or touch. Businesses and consumers alike are enjoying the benefits of interacting with commonplace cloud computing-driven services.

Put it directly; cloud computing means we are leveraging a vast supply of computing power, storage space, and fast network connections to provide computing as a utility. Similar to how our essentials like gas, water, and electricity get delivered to homes.

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Quantum Computing – a Hoax or Reality?

quantum-computing-a-hoax-or-realityGoogle would progress faster than expected in the construction of a first quantum system, which can exceed the performance of a conventional supercomputer. So is this a real starting signal of quantum computing?

Somewhere in California, Google built a machine that will guide in a new era of computing. If it proves correct, it would have major consequences for the industry. Google’s interest in the quantum computing is not new – the company has invested heavily in this area, the work progress of the search giant is more so. Some scientists suggest that machine could be ready by the end of 2017. The objective of the company is simple: show once and for all that quantum computer can make obsolete the most powerful supercomputers, in short, the demonstration of quantum supremacy.

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DCNS Data Leakage: A Misfired Torpedo?

DCNS-Data-Leakage-A-Misfired-Torpedo22,400 documents containing confidential technical data related submarines built by DCNS have leaked. This is a serious warning sign to the business of a world’s leader in Naval Defense.

Data loss suffered by the DCNS, the French industrial group whose 64% state owned by France government. The company who is specialized in Naval Defense and Energy employees more than 13,000 employees in 10 countries. Though, it’s too early to say anything but the case is serious for the defense industry. An Australian newspaper, “The Australian”, appears to have had access to 22,400 secret documents containing technical information on the “Scorpene” class submarines. The group told that “the national safety authorities are investigating the matter”. An investigation that will determine the exact nature of having leaked information and the potential harm and of course that the responsibilities.

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