Shape Advocacy with Top 5 Cloud Telephony Trends in 2017

Few years back, the call centers appeared to be rows of phone lines connected to a PBX (private branch exchange) which routed the calls via fixed external lines. When cloud-based communication flooded the IT sector, it delivered some highly vital solutions to the call center industry. Therefore, the call centers quickly adapted to cloud telephony.

Owning and maintaining a PBX was expensive prior to cloud’s introduction.  After cloud calling service was launched, it reduced the expenses of the PBX with a few additional perks.  In the past, there were limited called lines but cloud telephony offers voice broadcast and response automation and also, the agents don’t need to be available physically in the center. Enterprises were quick to choose cloud telephony when it was new for marketing outreach and later it was adopted by advocacy groups. Today it is slowly probing campaigns globally with analytics-based solutions reached through data mining.

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Stories of Top Data Centers of 2016 About the Web Hosting Industry

This is the list of the most popular stories of data centers in 2016 which reveal the changes and macro-level trends of the web hosting industry.

The Days When Cloud Was Doubted Are Gone –

Yuri Izrailevsky, Vice President, Cloud and Platform Engineering at Netflix, had posted in one of his blog post that the online movie streaming pioneer completed its migration from own data centers onto the cloud platform.

This significant cloud migration of Netflix reveals that you can surely depend on public cloud for providing a high-quality digital service globally as well as cost-effectively. Previously, while outsourcing to a public cloud provider, a company needed to weigh certain factors which today don’t include whether cloud will work or fail. Currently, it’s become cost calculation with some compliance considerations.

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The Environmental Magic of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has garnered great deal of attention over the past few years. It has amassed unstoppable momentum, and it’s all set to enter mainstream in the coming years. All thanks to the varied benefits linked with cloud computing. From flexibility, automatic software updates, increased collaboration, better security and the ability to do more with less have all contributed to drastic IT cost reduction in an organization. Moreover, companies have also been able to improve their ‘green’ credentials by embracing cloud computing. So, let’s take a look at the environmental impact of cloud computing.

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Revealing Top 8 Obstacles in Development or Deployment of Cloud

Cloud has been the path for companies to reach new heights, but not perfectly. Lack of experience and knowledge, as well as security and data issues, can help people to stay firm on the ground. Let’s check out the obstacles that are hampering the success of development and deployment of cloud –

 Security – The Biggest Obstacle

Cloud-based deployment and development are facing a threat which is significant to be thought upon. Two major changes occur when an application moves to the cloud. Firstly, there’s a complete change in the assumptions about the environment related to the complete foundation and security. It doesn’t involve technology, processes, people and the legal framework for operating the application change. Secondly, all connections created by the application get exposed now in new ways. Previously, the application which connected from a trusted network to internal systems should now connect over public networks and might lack a trusted way to store credentials.

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Relinquish your old-school IT mind-set for Collaborative Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprises have always spent more time on using their mainframes and less time on their computer setups since decades ago. No doubt a high level of IT automation is offered by cloud computing and so is the latest advancement which is helping enterprises to meet that goal.  Cloud usage consists of an evolution of long-standing IT mind-set – a step which several businesses have trouble to take.

Previously, IT teams spent maximum time on their computer system management, experimenting with command-line interfaces and executing tasks such as assigning storage or setting up user permissions. According to a recent study by Forrester Research, IT departments spend 70% to 75% of their time on simply keeping the lights on or isolating and then fixing different system problems.

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